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What applications are zinc-ion batteries suited for?

Zinc-ion batteries suit stationary storage applications of short to medium durations (2-10 hours). These include renewable integration, grid upgrade deferrals, diesel generator replacement, power backup, solar self-consumption, etc.

What are Enerpoly's targeted markets?

Enerpoly is focused on the European energy storage market. We are also open to opportunities in other markets.

What pilots is Enerpoly doing?

In 2023, Enerpoly will pilot the zinc-ion battery in residential and commercial applications.

How have zinc-ion batteries performed in external tests and pilots?

Enerpoly had the zinc-ion battery tested against UL9540A standards at the Research Institute of Sweden (RiSE) in June 2022. Our battery passed all safety tests.

Pilots will commence with external parties in 2023.

What is Enerpoly's manufacturing capability?

Enerpoly has a battery cell manufacturing line in Stockholm. We produce battery cells for piloting and pack development with this line.

What is the carbon impact of the zinc-ion battery?

The carbon impact due to production is 44kgCO₂eq/kWh. This is a significant reduction in carbon impact in comparison to other battery technologies.

This assessment was validated by Impact Forecast (validation ID: JW0024) through the EIC-EIT Climate-KIC 'Race to Net-Zero' program in April 2022.

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