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Charge the world, innovate tHe futuRe!


We scale with globally available materials to meet the world's immense need for battery energy storage.


We deliver low carbon batteries that are sustainably built and recyclable with today's infrastructure.


We offer a high lifetime value for energy storage, enabling a world powered by 100% clean energy.

The future is
powered by

batteries – Without compromise.

Enerpoly offers proprietary zinc-ion battery cells and packs. Our batteries are a safe, reliable and incredibly cost-efficient solution for stationary energy storage.

Challenge the Status Quo

We are committed to ensuring sustainability and long-term viability for batteries from sourcing to production to end-of-life.

A Swedish Solution

Enerpoly is located at Stockholm, and brings the best of Swedish design and sustainability to the energy storage industry.

Please take a look AT how WE ARE inNovating the future

India - Sweden

Enerpoly can enable a competitive domestic battery industry.
We are interested in bringing zinc-ion batteries to India alongside the domestic players that understand the market best.

Energy Tech

Enerpoly was a top 5 finalist in the Energy Tech Challengers, Battery edition 2021.
If you missed the live pitch, however, you can still catch it.


Enerpoly presented the zinc-ion battery to policymakers in New York and New Jersey, USA.
10 key Swedish companies within clean energy and sustainable transportation participated to discuss how we can work together to reduce emissions.

WHAT Integrators SAY


“Enerpoly's zinc-ion battery technology is an interesting opportunity for the renewable energy generation sector, as it will create new business opportunities by enabling deployment of affordable and sustainable battery systems.”

Stefan Jansson, CEO


“I am always seeking out technologies that add value to our business. Enerpoly’s zinc-ion batteries are promising with their low cost of storage and safety, and we are actively discussing piloting zinc-ion batteries in our energy storage systems.”

Christoph Grimmer, CEO

Perma Batteries

"We are convinced that aqueous-based chemistries, such as zinc-ion, which are inherently safer and more benign from an environment perspective will be a staple technology of the future. They will ultimately make energy store affordable and enable a smoother transition to PV + storage systems"

Julian allera, CEO

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