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Who We are

At Enerpoly, we are dedicated to making a positive, enduring change in global energy access and decarbonization. Through honest innovation, we seek to deliver the energy storage solutions of tomorrow.

Enerpoly is headquartered at Stockholm, and brings the best of Swedish design and sustainability to the energy storage industry.

What we do

Revolutionize Batteries
A breakthrough in the 60-year old alkaline battery chemistry opened up a world of possibilities.

Realize Batteries
By adapting to industry processes, we can successfully scale out of lab and achieve competitiveness.

Ramp Batteries
To meet the growing need for energy storage, we are scaling production to bring zinc-ion batteries to market.

Our commitment

Enerpoly was born from a focus on long-term viability.

From the commitment to use materials and processes that could prove viable in the long run. That would better clean energy access. For everyone. While leaving our planet unscathed.

Our Story


Enerpoly secures €11.1M in non-dilutive financing and launches work to build the Enerpoly Production Innovation Center (EPIC), the world's first megafactory for zinc-ion batteries.


Enerpoly assembles its first commercial prototype zinc-ion battery cell, completes external UL 9540A test demonstrating fire safety to 400°C+, and raises $1.5M in seed round.


Enerpoly grows team size to 10 and establishes 100 kWh/yr production validation line at Greenhouse Labs in Stockholm, Sweden.


Eloisa de Castro joins as CEO, and Enerpoly secures €2M in grant funding from the European Innovation Council and Swedish Energy Agency.


Enerpoly files its first patent and collaborates with partner Höganäs AB on materials development.


Dr. Mylad Chamoun invents critical component enabling viability of zinc-ion batteries at Stockholm University and founds Enerpoly with sustainability innovator and former colleague Dr. Samer Nameer.

Our team
Eloisa de Castro
Chief Executive Officer
Dr. Mylad Chamoun
Chief Technology Officer & Co-Founder
Dr. Samer Nameer
Chief Sustainability Officer & Co-Founder